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What Is The Digital Gold Token? 

A native token on the Cardano blockchain, the Digital Gold Token was originally created to serve as an energy-efficient replacement for Bitcoin. But due to the vast power of the Cardano blockchain and the strength of the Digital Gold community, it has grown into something much more. At its core, it is still a peer-to-peer transactional system. The Digital Gold Token serves as the foundational element of a Token Ecosystem with a virtual mining operation that governs and powers a digital marketplace as well as a social, economic, and gaming metaverse interface. These applications aim to make the acquisition and use of crypto simple and easy. The Digiverse (Digital) Marketplace will be the 3D “Amazon” of digital assets in the metaverse and online. The Digiverse Dashboard Metaverse Interface will make crypto and the metaverse approachable and accessible for all—and this on a blockchain that soon will be not only highly interoperable but also safe, secure, scalable, and metaverse-ready.

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Peer To Peer Transactions

The Digital Gold Token can be used as a peer-to-peer (P2P) transactional system. This simply means community members can electronically transfer the Digital Gold Token from one person to another through the Cardano blockchain. P2P payments can be sent and received via smart devices and thus offer a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods. Payment accounts in the Digital Gold Token P2P transactional system will be simple to set up. In the future, the Digiverse will allow you to open an account. Once a user establishes a payment account, sending and receiving the Digital Gold Token will be just a mouse click away. You can choose the recipient of the transaction, the amount, and the reason for the payment, and then click submit. Depending on network congestion on the Cardano blockchain, the time it takes for assets to transfer can range anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes in a safe and secure environment.

3 Tokens

A Rewards Based 3 Token Ecosystem

Digital Gold Token is the backbone of a 3-token ecosystem that works to provide rewards and incentives to its holders. Each token plays a different but important role in our ecosystem.


Digital Gold Token, the "Catalyst token," is used as the foundation of everything.  A “Virtual Mining System” incentivizes users to hold the token, and to participate in virtually mining of The Digital Silver Token.


Digital Silver Token, the "utility token," will be used to facilitate access to the goods and services offered by the ecosystem, The 3D NFT Digiverse Marketplace and Web3 Browser. Users can hold Digital Gold for rewards or use this token to interact with the ecosystem, for example, to access certain features or to purchase products.

Digital Diamond Token, the "governance token," is used to provide incentives for certain actions taken within the ecosystem. For example, users who hold both Digital Gold and Digital Silver, and provide valuable contributions to the ecosystem will be rewarded with Digital Diamonds.   Users who suggest improvements that are valuable to the community could also be rewarded with Digital Diamonds Tokens. 

These 3 tokens were designed to work together to create a ecosystem that is secure, functional, and incentivizes positive community involvement.

Virtal Mining

Virtual Mining

The Digital Gold Token can not be staked and does not earn interest. It is the catalyst behind the virtual mining process, in which community members can purchase a Mining Permit NFT and then mine the Digital Silver Token. Community members who show proof of holding a minimum of 1000 Digital Gold Tokens and a Mining Permit NFT will qualify to start the mining process. Mining Permit NFT supplies are limited. They will be released in series. The amount of the Digital Silver Tokens that can be mined will decrease with every new series. The amount of Mining Permit NFTs that are sold will be determined by the number of wallet holders at the time of the mint. Upon completion of an epoch, community members who have mined the Digital Silver Tokens will be able to send a small amount of ADA to the required address and receive Digital Silver Tokens as rewards. The number of Digital Silver Tokens received each epoch is based on what series Mining Permit NFT is held in the community members’ wallets and how much Digital Gold is present. Members who hold Digital Silver and Digital Gold in their wallets and reach a tiered amount will then be rewarded with the ultra-rare Digital Diamond Token. Initially, Digital Silver and Digital Diamond Token mining will be separate and independent from the Digiverse application. In the future it will be integrated into the Digiverse application to streamline the virtual mining process.



The project seeks to eventually become completely decentralized. Over time a greater amount of power and responsibility will be transferred to community members. In order for that to work, the Digital Gold Foundation, LLC, will employ methods that guarantee pnly members who are seriously committed to the success of the project participate in its governance. The project plans to achieve this goal at first by creating a community council that will act as the community representative early on. In the future, Digital Diamond Token holders will collectively manage an organization known as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which will require participants to verify their Digital Diamond Token holdings in exchange for voting powers. The community members who hold more Digital Diamond Tokens in their wallets will have greater voting power

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