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Cardano Girls’ Viral Trend Brings New Faces To The BlockChain

Authur: Wisdom Odion

Cardano (ADA) has had its ups and downs, getting criticized for its crypto performance, founder's personality, and clashes with other projects like Solana. But now, it's grabbing attention again. And it's not because of its price or competition. This time, it's all about a strange yet fantastic marketing move by the project's supporters.

Cardano Girls

Cardano Girls Trending on X

'Cardano Girls' was a hot topic on X last couple weeks, with many women joining in with their own take on it.

The trend gained traction after a post by Lily Brodi, a Cardano (ADA) user and content creator. Brodi's viral video put a spin on the social media trend by playfully embracing stereotypical perceptions about different groups within the community.

Cardano Girls

In these videos, participants begin with "We are..." to identify their class within the community. This is followed by "Of course we..." where they humorously acknowledge the typical stereotype associated with that group.

The video trend has been popular on TikTok and saw the inclusion of first-rate celebs like Kim Kardashian jumping on board. Well, now the ‘Cardano Girls' version is blowing up, too, thanks to its mix of funny, cute, witty, and, yeah, sometimes cringy content.

Brodi's original line was like, "We're Cardano girls. Of course, we're real."

The crypto community and folks on X were all over it in no time. The video has since registered over 1.8m views and 5,000 likes on X.

Standout cutscenes in the lax video showed women proudly bragging about treating themselves with ‘gas’ fee savings, swooning over Cardano's co-founder Charles Hoskinkon, and cheekily saying they're busy buying $ADA while the guys stir up all the drama.

Cardano Girls: A conversation on inclusivity in crypto

The video's popularity and mostly positive feedback signal a shift towards inclusivity in the crypto space. The video, though lighthearted, appealed to relate with the struggles of women working their way up in a relatively male-dominated sector.

Some comments stated that this provides a platform for women to express their views, share experiences, and build networks within the crypto community.

In an exclusive interview with Dapp Central on the hot topic, Lily Brodi commented:

“For me, it's not just about women in Cardano; it's about inclusivity overall. At the end of the day, we want everyone to feel included. You don't have to be a Cardano girl or a woman to support Cardano girls; we want to include everybody. That's our main goal. But ultimately, this movement is a great way for more women in our community to come together, create, and boost our ecosystem.”

Only 6% of CEOs in blockchain are women; compared to the 17% of CEOs in the broader tech sector, it seems there might be an underrepresentation of women in the field.

But, we might be seeing a more than welcome table-turning change as, according to a survey by, the percentage of women owning crypto has shot up big time, from just 18% at the start of 2023 to a whopping 29% by the beginning of 2024.

Within the Cardano ecosystem specifically, the 'Cardano Girls' video enhances the project's image as an inclusive and forward-thinking platform. The footage may inspire more women to engage with Cardano, leading to a more diverse and resilient ecosystem with varied perspectives and talents.

Cardano Girls

Cardano to reinvent the wheel on its marketing wing

So, despite all the laughs and giggles sparked by Lily's video, it shines a light on a more serious matter: Cardano's marketing game hasn't been quite up to par with its ambitious roadmap plans.

According to a recent survey by Rick McCracken, the guy behind the DIGI staking pool, 68.8% of folks felt that Cardano's marketing efforts were lagging behind those of other big projects. And let's not forget Solana's recent triumph, which spotlighted Cardano's need to step up its marketing game.

Now, don't get me wrong, the ‘Cardano Girls' video is all fun and games, but it's also starting a conversation about the importance of getting creative and relatable with marketing in the crypto world.

With crypto slowly but surely creeping into the mainstream, viral trends and influencer marketing are becoming more and more vital for getting folks on board. So yeah, it's time for Cardano to shake things up a bit and get the word out in style!

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Apr 13

Cardano slips to 10th place in the crypto market cap list:

Is it a sign that it's undervalued compared to it's peers?. Or are it's peers doing things better?

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