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Cardano’s Emurgo Join Forces With Digital Asset Market Maker GSR to Boost Ecosystem Adoption

Exciting times are here for the Cardano ecosystem as commercial partner Emurgo has recently sealed a deal with Singaporean digital asset market maker, GSR. 

GSR - First Licensed VASP By MAS

In a May 7 blog post, Emurgo announced that it has secured a strategic partnership with the GSR team. GSR is a Singaporean market maker known for being the first blockchain-focused enterprise firm to receive the coveted Digital Payment Token Service License from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Shedding light on the intricate details surrounding the deal, the Cardano commercial arm stated that the over-aching aim of the collaboration is to amplify the visibility of the peer-reviewed blockchain protocol as it seeks to onboard new developers, businesses, users, and stakeholders.

Emurgo’s link-up with the cryptocurrency trading firm will also offer deeper liquidity provisioning and market-making that is sorely needed in the Cardano ecosystem. It will also enable increased user interoperability of Cardano-based decentralised applications (dApps), identify venture investment opportunities within, and jointly promote Cardano education-related initiatives.

Speaking on the partnership, CEO of Emurgo Ken Kodama stated that GSR’s wealth of experience, expertise, and deep resources will be pivotal in helping Cardano developers and projects to build and scale their dApps to users while fostering a robust ecosystem overall.

Specialised Training for Enterprise Applications Comes Onboard

In other partnership news, the Cardano Foundation - arm responsible for amplifying the Cardano narrative - has recently completed a strategic partnership with the Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC).

Confirming the news in a press release, Cardano Foundation’s Director of Communications Renagh Mooney noted that the partnership will create a certification program tailor-made for Cardano enthusiasts. This will help create specialised training programs designed to educate, certify individuals, and organisations on the advanced features and enterprise applications of the Cardano blockchain.

Training materials will be sourced from the archives of the Cardano Academy and subject-matter experts in Cardano and blockchain tech.  

Expounding on the possible direction of the partnership, DBCC’s CEO Dr. Marwan Alzarouni noted that the fulcrum behind it is to create a new generation of blockchain enthusiasts with customized educational programs and revolutionary tech solutions meant for properly understanding and unlocking the potential of the Cardano protocol. 

Cardano’s continued global impact is becoming even more pronounced as the months roll by. Instead of seeking venture capital (VC) funds and capital raises, the peer-reviewed base layer protocol has focused its attention on crafting an entire ecosystem of solutions tailor-made for real-world use cases and challenges. The third-generation proof-of-stake (PoS) has so far focused its attention on creating digital online identity that is censorship-resistant for unrepresented individuals, especially in the African continent.

Cardano is also working hard to create permissionless financial solutions that will onboard the millions of unbanked individuals on the continent. 

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19 mai

Always good to see more ramps (both on and off) being developed for Cardano (and crypto in general). Cheers.

Aniedi Utah
Aniedi Utah
20 mai
En réponse à

Always something to look out for. Getting super-excited just envisioning when Hydra channels will launch fully. Can't wait to see Cardano lead the DeFi race. Cheers, mate

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