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Ethereum's Under Performing in 2023 & 2024: The Rise Of Competitors

Updated: Jan 4

The cryptocurrency landscape is ever-evolving, and Ethereum, once a trailblazer, finds itself amidst debates about its future. As we delve into the performance metrics of Ethereum in 2023, I'll share insights on whether it's facing a downturn or gearing up for a potential bull run. Additionally, I'll discuss my opinion on Ethereum's market share in relation to emerging competitors like AVAX, SOL, and Cardano.

Ethereum's  Dead

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Ethereum's Underperformance: Ethereum's recent underperformance against Bitcoin and formidable competitors like Solana has ignited discussions within the crypto community. Some argue that Ethereum is facing a downfall, while others believe its bull run is yet to commence.

Price Analysis: Trading at an 18-month low against Bitcoin, Ethereum has seen a 45% increase from its October 2023 lows. In contrast, Bitcoin has surged by nearly 65%, and Solana has experienced an impressive 310% surge in just two months. The ETH/BTC trading pair is currently at a critical juncture, testing support at the neckline. A potential breakdown may lead to further declines, fueling speculations about Ethereum's viability.

Competitive Landscape: Competitors like AVAX, SOL, and Cardano have emerged over the years, promising faster transactions and lower fees. My opinion is that Ethereum faces increased competition, and its market share may continue to erode in favor of these alternatives.

Fundamental Strengths: On the fundamental side, Ethereum showcases resilience. With a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $26.45 billion, Ethereum holds a commanding 52% share in total TVL across all chains. Additionally, its annualized profits stand at an impressive $2.7 billion, surpassing the combined revenue of Avalanche and Solana. Despite price fluctuations, Ethereum's fundamentals suggest a robust position in the market.


Divergent Opinions: Notable figures like analyst Peter Brandt have expressed skepticism, shorting Ethereum with targets set at $1,000 and $650. On the contrary, Ethereum enthusiasts argue that its fundamental strength indicates an impending bull run. The filing of spot Ethereum ETFs by several fund managers further adds to the optimism surrounding Ethereum's future.

Conclusion: As Ethereum navigates through a dynamic market, opinions on its trajectory vary. While challenges exist, Ethereum's fundamental strengths cannot be overlooked. However, my perspective is that Ethereum may continue to lose market share to emerging players like AVAX, SOL, and Cardano. The evolving crypto landscape demands adaptability, and Ethereum's response to the rising competition will be crucial in determining its future relevance.

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