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NEWM Studio Mainnet Launch on the Cardano Blockchain - This Project Will Change The Music Industry Forever!

Author: Wisdom Odion

The Cardano ecosystem is currently witnessing immense growth, part of that growth is spurred by a groundbreaking project called NEWM. This new addition to the ecosystem has injected a fresh wave of innovation and interest in the evolving world of decentralized technologies on the Cardano blockchain.

NEWM Studio

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NEWM Studio Mainnet Launch on the Cardano Blockchain.

NEWM revolutionizes the music industry by harnessing the advantages inherent in Cardano blockchain technology. It is a pioneering alternative to conventional music platforms that prioritizes fairness for artists and preserving their ownership rights. This innovative project reshapes the landscape of music distribution and consumption, striving to democratize an industry that has often faced challenges related to compensation and control. By embracing the blockchain, NEWM introduces a transformative system that not only empowers musicians but also fosters a more equitable and artist-centric approach to the creation, distribution, and enjoyment of music.

At the time of writing, NEWM has a liquidity pool of over 374 thousand ADA tokens, strategically distributed across seven decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on the Cardano blockchain. The NEWM token shows a well-balanced allocation among the top three most liquid DEXs, with Minswap leading the pack by holding a significant 49.41% of the total liquidity. Following closely, VyFinance secures the second position with a share of 22.69%, while WingRiders contributes 22.24% to the overall liquidity of the NEWM token. This strategic distribution aims to enhance accessibility and liquidity across various platforms, therefore ensuring a robust ecosystem for NEWM within the Cardano blockchain.

What Benefits Does NEWM Offer Its Holders?

There are several unique benefits that set NEWM apart in the realm of decentralized music ecosystems. One of these benefits is that token holders enjoy active participation in decentralized governance, influencing the platform's future. The NEWM token serves as the primary medium for all transactions within the app, offering a seamless and integrated experience. Users can unlock enhanced features by staking NEWM tokens, granting access to exclusive content and early participation in music intellectual property rights sales. Musicians and artists, too, benefit by leveraging locked tokens to access additional platform features, fostering a dynamic and mutually rewarding ecosystem.

Earn Just For Listening!

NEWM also introduces a versatile staking system that serves various purposes, including the creation of an independent artist fund to support emerging talents in launching their inaugural projects. The NEWM community can engage in staking through the NEWM governance stake pool, unlocking additional rewards.

Users of the NEWM platform also have the exciting prospect of staking their tokens with individual musicians. This way, they can actively contribute to the enhancement of their playlist rankings. This innovative approach not only amplifies the visibility of artists but also allows them to reciprocate by sharing royalties with stakeholders, fostering a collaborative and rewarding ecosystem.

NEWM’s Growth Trajectory Since Launch

The excitement around the NEWM project is evident in the upward trend it experienced as soon as it launched. The token pumped by over 25% in one week and then, this upward trajectory faced an abrupt downturn post its feature on Killer Whales TV show, leading to an immediate price crash.

NEWM Studio

Despite this, many NEWM holders believe that this price crash is healthy for the future of the NEWM token due to current market movements and market statistics. For instance, Cardano YouTuber Josh expressed his enthusiasm for the NEWM project on his social media page. Adding to this sentiment, Showtime, another prominent Cardano influencer, shared his endorsement of NEWM by disclosing his accumulation of NEWM tokens in his crypto portfolio. These expressions of support from influential figures within the Cardano community contribute to the growing narrative of confidence and excitement surrounding NEWM's trajectory in the market.

With a market capitalization of $133 million, NEWM holds considerable growth potential, indicating promising prospects for the token's future trajectory in the market. Investors remain optimistic about NEWM's resilience and its capacity for substantial expansion.

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