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What's Next? As The Future Unfolds What Are The Next Steps for The Digital Gold Ecosystem (DGE) in 2024

Hello Community! The journey we've embarked on together through the evolving landscape of crypto and the Digital Gold Ecosystem (DGE) has been nothing short of remarkable. As we stand here in 2024, lets take a moment to reflect on our achievements, while preparing to chart a course for what's next. DGE has demonstrated resilience, innovation, and growth, marking significant milestones that have not only shaped our path but also underscored our position in Cardano Native Token realm.

Digital Gold Ecosystem

Achievements to Celebrate

  • $DGOLD's Remarkable Journey: Becoming one of the most held and transacted native tokens on Cardano is a testament to the community's trust and the inherent value of $DGOLD.

  • Strong Performances by $DSLVR and $DGEM: Both tokens have shown commendable presence in their categories, reflecting our diverse yet cohesive ecosystem.

  • Under the Miner's Lamp: With just under 100 mining permits minted and over 500 active miners, we've created a robust mining community.

  • Token Withdrawals: $DGOLD, $DGEM, and $DSLVR have emerged as the most withdrawn tokens from, highlighting their liquidity and active engagement.

  • Building Bridges: The formation of numerous partnerships and alliances has expanded our reach and fortified our foundation in the digital asset space.

What's on the Horizon for DGE?

  • Virtual Mining System Upgrade: We're enhancing the Virtual Mining experience. Moving from to our own website, the new interface will be more user-friendly, with an improved rewards system, ensuring a seamless and rewarding mining venture.

  • Launch of The Miners Club: A community hub aimed at fostering engagement, The Miners Club will offer bonus rewards and serve as a primary channel for updates and news. This initiative is a stride toward token governance, empowering our community with a voice and a stake in our collective future.

  • Series 2 Mining Permits: Set to launch in the summer, this next series promises to elevate the mining landscape within DGE, coupled with increased rewards for our VYFI NFT Mining Permit Vaults.

  • Enhanced Liquidity Pool Rewards: Acknowledging the crucial role of liquidity providers, we're rolling out a new rewards program for contributions to any liquidity pool supporting our trio of tokens.

  • Pre-Alpha Release of the Crypto Rewards Arcade: An exciting venture into gamification, our crypto rewards arcade is nearing completion, with games in production and ongoing testing for blockchain integration and the rewards system.

Looking Forward

The roadmap for 2024 and beyond is not just about technological advancements and expanding our ecosystem; it's about strengthening the community that makes it all possible. Every step we take, every innovation we introduce, is aimed at creating value, enhancing security, and ensuring sustainability for our community members.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey ahead. Your support, feedback, and participation are the pillars that will help us achieve these ambitious goals. Together, we're not just navigating the future of digital finance; we're shaping it.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let's forge ahead into a future where DGE sets new standards of excellence and innovation in the Digital Gold Ecosystem.


Mar 10

Exciting stuff!!!! I wonder if the series 2 will be stackable on the OG and series 1 for even higher mining rewards... 🤔💭

Dale Johnston
Dale Johnston
Mar 10
Replying to

We will be announcing the upgrades and enhancement to the mining system soon!

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