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YouTube Should Be Ashamed - Video Platform Facilitates Crypto Scams

YouTube has become a breeding ground for crypto scams plain and simple. The platform, once hailed for its diverse content and accessibility, is now under scrutiny for turning a blind eye to the proliferation of fraudulent activities within the crypto space. This article sheds light on the alarming issue of crypto scam ads running rampant on YouTube and questions the platform's responsibility in curbing such deceptive practices.

Crypto Scams

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The Crypto Scam Epidemic:

Imagine watching a video about cryptocurrency, eager to learn and explore the possibilities of this decentralized financial landscape. However, instead of valuable insights, viewers are bombarded with AI-generated audio and visuals featuring fake endorsements from crypto CEOs and celebrities. These impostors shamelessly promise unsuspecting viewers that if they send cryptocurrency, they will receive double the amount in return. Unfortunately, falling for such scams only leads to financial loss and disappointment.

Crypto Scams

(EXAMPLE: Crypto Scam Ad On YouTube)

YouTube's Complicity:

One might wonder how such fraudulent activities thrive on a platform as influential as YouTube. The answer lies in the platform's apparent indifference to the issue. Despite numerous complaints and reports, YouTube continues to turn a blind eye to these scams, allowing them to flourish and victimize innocent individuals. The sheer volume of crypto scam ads suggests that YouTube may be allegedly making millions from facilitating these deceptive practices.

The Impact on Legitimate Crypto Companies:

Not only does YouTube's negligence harm individual investors, but it also tarnishes the reputation of legitimate crypto companies. As fake endorsements from notable figures like Mike Saylor, Anatoly Yakovenko, Brian Armstrong, and others flood the platform, unsuspecting viewers may associate these reputable names with fraudulent activities. This, in turn, erodes trust in the entire crypto industry.

Complaints Go Unheard:

The disturbing reality is that complaints about these scams have fallen on deaf ears. Users have reported the fraudulent content, and legitimate crypto enthusiasts have voiced their concerns, but YouTube remains unresponsive. The platform's failure to take decisive action not only perpetuates the scams but also raises questions about its commitment to user safety and the integrity of the content it hosts.

A Double Standard:

It's ironic that YouTube, a platform quick to enforce restrictions on free speech, turns a blind eye to scams that defraud millions of users. The inconsistency in policy enforcement is not only disappointing but also highlights the need for YouTube to prioritize the safety and well-being of its user base over potential advertising revenue.


YouTube's complacency in the face of rampant crypto scams is disheartening. As the platform continues to profit from deceptive ads, innocent individuals fall victim to fraudulent schemes, and the reputation of legitimate crypto companies is jeopardized. It's time for YouTube to take responsibility, implement stricter content policies, and actively combat crypto scams to protect its users and the integrity of the crypto industry as a whole. The platform should be ashamed for allowing such exploitation to persist under its watch.

Weird, have not seen any ads on Rumble...hmm!?

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