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Digital Gold

Digital Gold Token is the backbone of a 3-token ecosystem that works to provide rewards and incentives by using different tokens to represent different aspects of the system.

As the "Catalyst token," the Digital Gold Token is the foundation of everything. The “Virtual Mining System” incentivizes users to hold the token, and to participate in virtual mining of The Digital Silver Token.


Digital Silver

Digital Silver Token, the "utility token," will be used to facilitate access to the goods and services offered by the ecosystem, The 3D NFT Digiverse Marketplace and Web3 Browser. Users can hold Digital Silver for rewards or use this token to interact with the ecosystem, for example, to access certain features or to purchase products.

tokenomics Diggital Silver.jpg

Digital Diamonds

Digital Diamond Token, the "rewards token," is used to provide incentives for certain actions taken within the ecosystem. For example, users who hold certain amounts of Digital Gold, Digital Silver and a mining permit will receive Digital Diamond Token rewards. Also, Community members that provide valuable contributions to the ecosystem, will be rewarded with Digital Diamond Tokens. Users who suggest improvements that are valuable to the community may be rewarded with Digital Diamonds Tokens. 

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